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Bijgewerkt: 1 okt 2018

Today I read an article about a girl who didn't flourish at school. She was shy, quick to give up on tasks and apprehensive about going to school. Concerned, her parents asked her teacher to give some encouragement and attention to the girl, but he said that he had done all he could do. He also thought that with her low grades, she needed to go into special schooling. Her parents decided to take her to a different school with a personal approach. At the new school, she blossomed, got higher grades, and generally felt better. What she needed was attention, understanding of who she was, and coaching and support to help her realise her full potential. Finding out who she was, was more important than only focusing on learning mathematics and reading.

Let’s help our children find their own way. Let's help them realise their competencies allowing them to enjoy their lives the best way possible! ~ Life is beautiful!

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