What we do

Amaka levert  olien en cosmetica van hoge kwaliteit, Voor vrouwen en door vrouwen. 

Amaka is a trader of high-quality care products. Our Mongongo oil is based on a social value chain, thus creating and sharing an economic circle with women in rural African communities.

How We Got Our Start

Amaka means power/strength in Bemba (one of Zambia's main languages). For us it means the power within, the God given power that all women possess within. That’s the message we want to spread as we travel from the powerful women gathering the raw materials in Southern Africa, to the powerful women that enjoy the benefits of this organic product. Amaka was founded by two women brought together by destiny, sharing a passion for women empowerment and a natural, organic lifestyle. Seeing the possibility of being a part of a value chain as well as indirect involvement of strengthening the prosperity and wellbeing of women in rural African communities, and at the same time realizing the sustainability impact that the production of the oil possess, AMAKA was born.


The main Product Mongongo oil is a nut oil harvested from the Mongongo (Manketti) tree which grows to heights of 15 meters and more, producing an average of 30 kilograms of the fruit per tree.  Our oil is produced from the Mongongo nuts that are sourced from the South Western part of Zambia, in Southern Africa, an area associated with well drained Kalahari sands. Mongongo oil is known for its ultra violet protection of skin and hair; it has hydrating, restructuring, regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great product for personal care.The Quality of the oil is guaranteed as it is organically (wild harvested and cold pressed) processed into a rich beneficial oil.

Traditional Use

The Mongongo tree and its fruit has been used as a personal care product for centuries among the Tonga, Lozi and Luvale tribes of Zambia. The tree is also commonly found in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi and Mozambique.